We believe in the merits of Blockchain. Started in 2013 Diacle was the first dedicated legal consultancy and compliance services firm for the blockchain sector. Founded by regulatory lawyer & blockchain wizard Adam Vaziri, and compliance & payments guru Craig James to assist innovative and disruptive business models with compliance and licensing support.

Compliance best practice is imperative to every ICO and cryptobusiness; from mitigating legal risks through to establishing credibility with both regulators and investors. Compliance best practice also encourages higher levels of investment, and fosters solid relationships with currency exchanges and business partners.

The rapidly evolving nature of the crypto regulatory environment means it is vital your regulatory compliance is current, and that you have the best legal framework in place for your jurisdiction, and business model.

We assist you in putting the best solution in place, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Since 2013 we have enjoyed a number of Industry Firsts


·       First payments license for a bitcoin company in the UK

·       First Ethereum lottery license from the Isle of Man

·       First regulated ICO in the world  

·       First derivatives licence for a blockchain company 


Now we offer an Industry First solution. Please meet Jump Start

Jump Start is a subscription service that gives you access to all the legal document templates you need to run an ICO and operate a crypto business compliantly. 

Our years of specialised experience are distilled into an all-in-one ICO & Business Licensing solution for crypto businesses. Providing you with a comprehensive package of legal templates that are proven legal solutions to the challenges of regulation.

Jump Start here

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Some of Our Clients

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