Diacle and 135b Partnership Combines Expertise in Blockchain Compliance with Technical Know-How

Diacle and 135b Partnership Combines Expertise in Blockchain Compliance with Technical Know-How

LONDON 18 April 2019 | The FinTech and blockchain business development consultants at Diacle, together with the decentralized technology experts at 135b (https://135b.io) , announced this week a joint collaboration that is set to accelerate the mainstreaming of compliant token finance. The partners’ first joint effort will be the creation of a security token investor certification platform that will be accessible from the Diacle website (https://diacle.com).

Founded in 2015, Diacle was the first consultancy in Britain to focus on blockchain regulation, compliance, business design and structuring. Since that time, Diacle has helped dozens of token issuers achieve fundraising success.  Also based in the United Kingdom, 135b describes itself as a ‘builder’s collective’ for blockchain tech and specializes in the development of decentralized software.

Last year, Diacle shifted its focus to security token finance and now offers several services relating to the compliant tokenization of companies. Many regulatory frameworks for security token offerings (STOs) require that investors prove accreditations, and Diacle’s certification platform will streamline this process. 135b will help to develop this platform and to integrate the eKYC solution offered by another of Diacle’s partners, Blockpass.

Maryam Osman, a partner at Diacle, described the new platform as “a great opportunity to streamline the investor onboarding process all while using blockchain technology to ensure KYC/AML compliance.” Regarding the partnership, she expressed “ ...great admiration for 135b’s work” describing the collaboration as “ ...a good way to build a closer relationship with leading experts in blockchain technology.”

Mihai Cimpoesu, CEO and founder of 135b, expressed similar excitement. “At 135b, we are interested in the myriad ways blockchain can help the legacy financial system evolve into a better, more accountable institution. Our partnership with Diacle allows us to build toward this future.”

Following the development of the investor onboarding platform, further cooperation is expected. These collaborations will be announced in due course.

David Langellotti