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We provide an all-in-one Jump Start ICO & Business Licensing package for crypto businesses.

Pay only GBP 7,000 a month for 6 months and have access to all the legal document templates you need to run an ICO and operate a crypto business compliantly. 

These templates include:

  • Token terms for your ICO
  • Exchange terms if you are running a crypto exchange
  • Privacy policy
  • NDAs
  • Anti-money laundering policy
  • Counter terrorism financing policy 
  • Crypto advisor contracts 
  • Contractor contracts
  • Employee contracts  
  • Seed investment or SAFT contracts 
  • And 20 other business contracts and templates 

Please note that we have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in these templates and that you would be getting them for a fraction of the cost.  

All of the templates are easy to use and we support you 2 days a month in the process in the provision of legal/regulatory concierge and project management services.

Where you require a local licence such as a money service licence, ICO issuing licence, local legal opinions or similar we connect you with local professionals that we have vetted. 

Contact us today for more information on our Jump Start ICO Package. If after the Jump Start Package period you need us to continue to coordinate on your ICO then you can renew the package for another 6 months.

ICO Products

There are a few options for ICOs. First option is that you want to do a utility token sale. We will define your token according to the Swiss definition of a token which takes three classifications: payment token, utility token or security token. We will at the same time apply the Maltese 'acid test' for defining a virtual asset and the Isle of Man test for cryptocurrency. If the classification passes all three tests from the forms we provide to you then we will take the summary to a local lawyer to confirm based on the country that you wish to incorporate in. If you token is more defined as a security and that you wish to proceed on that basis then we can discuss assist you with the documentation for your security token offering. 


1. First payments license for a bitcoin company in the UK

2. First Ethereum lottery license from the Isle of Man

3. First regulated ICO in the world  

4. First derivatives licence for a blockchain company 


Diacle was the first dedicated legal and compliance services firm for the blockchain sector.

Adam Vaziri is arguably the first blockchain lawyer in Europe working tirelessly since 2012 in the blockchain sector.

Bianca Guimaraes-Chadwick is a Brazilian RegTech lawyer registered in the UK and specialised in cross-border contracts.

Ajit Nayar has worked with Adam in crypto since 2014 and has experience and knowledge of the challenges facing crypto businesses and their needs. 

Maryam Osman is a highly qualified actuary with specialisms in compliance and mathematics. Maryam works on connecting the Diacle team with the best local partners around the world to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible service.

John Gallager is our chief project manager who tirelessly ensures that our clients are aware of all concurrent legal projects being carried our by our local partners.

John Thompson is a highly seasoned financial professional who understands the complexities of crypto finance. 


Help you launch a crypto business safely but as fast as possible. We want to Jump Start your crypto business and have the experience and know-how to make a real difference. Lawyers will charge you for their time - we are not a law firm. We combine different legal, compliance and industry professionals to provide you with the essential legal/regulatory tools to Jump Start your crypto-business. This invariably means working with local professionals which we only find the best for you based on our many years in industry.  

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