We’re changing the model!

As the first dedicated legal consultancy and compliance services firm for the blockchain sector, we know what is required for the regulatory compliance of a successful cryptobusiness.

You need the necessary expertise, a regulatory framework that is current, timely, and cost effective (and costs that don’t creep up).

As industry pioneers we have looked at ways we can improve the efficiency and value of the industry model. Jump Start is the result.

Lawyers will charge you for their time - we are not a law firm.

For a lawyer with the necessary crypto experience you will pay even more. And in our experience, through the journey of an ICO changes in the model are to be expected, with more expense and delays for the additional contracts.

Our contracts are backed by years of experience and significant investment, we are now providing access to our comprehensive package of legal documents to jump start your crypto business, but without a prohibitive price tag.

You pay one price and can access to all the contracts you need.

Your model changes and further contracts required? No issue, you and your budget are covered!

Our contracts are updated regularly, ensuring the future proofing of your crypto business.

Diacle Jump Start Package is designed to streamline the crypto regulatory and compliance process, our combined legal, compliance and industry professionals identify and react quickly to provide you with the essential legal/regulatory tools to Jump Start your crypto-business.

To make sure the documents meet your particular circumstances and those of your jurisdiction we strongly advise a review by a local and qualified lawyer.

We are launching Diacle Jump Start Package with a minimum subscription period of 6 months at the cost of GBP7,500 per month (exc. VAT). After the 6 months period you will be able to terminate your subscription with 30 days notice.

The subscription will give you access to a number of documents for any new business (list below) plus specific documents needed for ICOs and Exchanges. The Package also includes 2 days a month of support from Diacle which will assist you with the use of documents. This support is provided by an Associate level consultant within Diacle.

Diacle is able to assist you with jurisdiction focus reviews when required, for example adapting the documents for compliance in a particular market. These services are not included in the Package and you may instruct Diacle to arrange for that additional work which would be charged separately.

Diacle Jump Start Package is not a substitute for legal advice. We have optimised the documentation that you need to start an ICO successfully but there are many requirements for local customisation and changes that will occur as you progress with your project. Please note those additional changes and use of specialists in different fields will be charged to you separately but quoted to you in advance.

Diacle Jump Start Package

See below a list of available documents. The list is not exhaustive and you need to be a Diacle client to be able to access the documents. 


  • General/Compliance

  • Business

  • Token Terms

  • Purchase Agreement

  • Registration Service Agreement

  • Distribution Agreement

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Advisory Agreement

  • Commission Agreement

  • Transfer Agreement

  • Resellers Agreement

  • Loan Agreement

  • Licensing Agreement

  • Merchant Agreement

  • Exchange Listing Agreement

  • Listing Rules/T&Cs


  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Consultancy Agreement

  • Employment Agreement

  • FAST Agreement

  • Founders’ Agreement

  • Letter of Intent

  • Offer of Employment Letter

  • Sale of Goods Agreement

  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

  • Supply of Services Agreement

  • Privacy Policy

  • Website Privacy Policy

  • Website Terms of Use

  • AML Policy


  • Convertible Note Certificate

  • Convertible Note Instrument

  • Convertible Note Subscription Letter

  • Deed of Adherence

  • Seed Investment Agreement

  • Share Vesting Agreement

  • Term Sheet (Convertible Note)

  • Term Sheet (Ordinary Shares)

How to subscribe:

You can subscribe via the website here, or via email to enquires@diacle.com

Jump Start Package End User Licence Agreement