As an online regulated business, the world is your market. 

Traditionally, the natural location for the establishment of the business idea was the region in which the majority of customers were based.

However, this is often not the case for disruptive tech businesses.

Certain jurisdictions can be ideal for establishing fintech, blockchain and gamtech businesses. Our core trading jurisdictions are the most favourable for tech-based regulated or quasi-regulated ventures.

We will help you discover the best jurisdiction for your venture. This will involve discussing your plans with you, and regulators to assess their appetite for the idea.

Once you have chosen an inaugural jurisdiction we can assist you with the necessary corporate structure. Then – where a license or registration is required for your business in your chosen jurisdiction – we will start the process.

Of course, at this early stage you will be wanting to expand your market to new places. We will help you to identify new target markets and jurisdiction assessments and will advise you on the regulatory strategy for that particular market.

United Kingdom

Typical services:

– Financial Conduct Authority approved:

  • Digital currency exchange set up with no-action letter

  • Digital currency derivative brokerage authorisation

  • Electronic Money/ Payment Institution authorisation

– Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) – issue of new cryptocurrency to finance the build of a new protocol or blockchain application

United States

Typical services:

– Digital Currency exchanges:

  • FinCEN registration for Money Service Businesses (MSB)

  • State-by-State registration as MSBs

  • – Digital Currency products – CFTC clearance

– Payments and Stored Value licensing (MSBs)

­– Federal and State – Crowdfunding licensing

Hong Kong

Typical services:

– Digital currency exchange – regulatory clearance and corporate set-up

– Payments licensing – Money Service Operator (MSO) licensing from HK Customs & Excise

– Stored Value – no-action clearance from HKMA/full licensing as Stored Value Facility (SVF)

– Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – issue of new cryptocurrency to finance new protocol or blockchain application. Regulatory clearance and corporate set-up


Typical services:

– Digital currency exchange – Payment Institution licensing from CSSF

– Electronic Money licensing