Understanding the problem

At the moment if you want to launch a crypto-business maybe you search online or on twitter or try and get a recommendation to a lawyer. 

It is hit and miss and the results can be expensive. Most new entrants into crypto simply need the right connections to get the job done. You need to know whether it is better to structure your exchange in Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Malta and the trade off on the choices. Then once you have considered the options how long and how much capital it will take to get yourself licensed or in a position to start a pre-sale or crypto-security offering. 

We connect you with the professionals from our network and provide you with the most expensive part of any legal engagement: the templates. We have worked in this sector since 2013 and understand the commonalities with the problems in the industry and the type of documentation needed in general to support our crypto clients. 

We provide you with all those templates then work with you in liaison with our local partners to tailor them to your circumstances. 

The problem is it might cost you over 1 million USD to get set up with legal documents and a few legal opinions and a licence. This price is in fact increasing everytime we check. Our aim is to keep your business set up as cost effective and open our network of legal and regulatory professionals to ensure that you get to achieve your goals as fast as possible with a high level of quality and professionalism.